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Crown Point Birthday Party Characters

Crown Point Party Costumes! I booked a Princess for my daughter's 1st birthday. Princess Carrie dressed in a baby blue princess dress arrived on time and were every kids' favorite.

She starts off with animal balloons to get all the children's' attention, then came face painting, next was storytelling and games, and lastly she gathered all the kids together for the cake. All the little girls were in awww about her and practically followed her around everywhere. She has a sweet voice and were absolutely wonderful. I would used this company again. Check out their website. Crown Point Party Costumes! For an hour and a half, they charged $235. Kimberly B.


We booked Minnie to surprise a coworker, and I couldn't be more satisfied.

From booking the talent to taking the photos, Minnie Mickey Mouse and Crown Point Party Costumes is a class act! I had less than 24 hours to find a specific character, and was skeptical about succeeding.

I sent an inquiry through their site and left them a message, and they responded so quickly, it took me a minute to realize that it was the site I was just calling. I spoke with Carlos, who was amazing. He was fast, easy to understand, super accommodating, and didn't read from some script. I'm sure he deals with tons of events every day, but he really took the time and showed he cared about making my coworker's day.

Minnie showed up early and was a total professional – super expressive through her gestures and incredibly accommodating. We had a blast.

Thank you for making our day special, BPC! KC G. We booked the $200 package for my daughter's B'Day party. The character Elmo for our party called and confirmed the day before the party and I gave her a count of kids I was expecting. But when she arrived, she said that there were too many kids and that she would have to limit to 2 activities instead of 3. That was a bummer. Especially because there were lesser kids than we expected and even those that did come were too young to be entertained


What I liked: —————- -Their pricing is the best -Very professional service -They call before the day of the party to confirm the time, location and the number of kids to entertain -The performer was great at entertaining the kids and kept them occupied; everyone just loved her -Even when the kids were eating and there was nothing else for the elmo to do, she kept the party going, walked around and entertained the kids with gift bags which I thought was a great idea. -She stayed back for 30 more minutes -super accomodating!! Definitely recommend!


Hillary P. Crown Point Party Costumes is an amazing party company! The performers are always on-time, incredibly accommodating and are amazing with kids.

Depending on the activities that you want, they do a really, really great job of selecting the performer who excels in that area. If you are looking for the best sponge bob have them at your party–no questions asked. Bingo, came to the right place! Want Elmo is dance his booty off and play games with the kids non-stop? Done and done.

If you are looking for an amazing party company, whether it be for a corporate event, kids birthday party, backyard bbq, WHATEVER… Crown Point party Costumes is the company to use, hands down! (Also, they staff the perfect girls to be princesses–Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan you name it.. they look and act the part perfectly!!